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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 20, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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should have the rights and be treated like everybody else.
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we talked about gun controls and a chance to meet with administrator of the small business administration and talked about job creation and what can be done. she was in walnut creek so we had an opportunity to do that as well well. have great conversations today z i'll share them with you as the evening progress autos dan, we'll see/xh%v you later on in e newscast. you can see the interview conducted with the president today just go to our web site abc 7 news com. >> some well known high tech billionaires handed out $3 million to 11 winners of the new life sciences break through prize this morning at mission bay campus. abc 7 news joins us how with a presentation and one of those 11 winners. >> facebook mark zuckerberg, 2k, a russian
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entrepreneur, these are the big names behind the break this morning mark zuckerberg says it's about rewarding scientists. >> all of the work you're doing to cure diseases to, expand our understanding of humanity and to improve live in these dayway autos both zuckerberg and the founder of 23 and me and the wife of google's founder said the hope is that the prize will inspire future generation autos there are going to be amazing discoveries that you and people out there in the world goring to be discovering in 50 years. what i hope this prize does sthait inpirs people that this is really important. and that you should be heroes in society. >> one of the 11 recipients discovered a family of enzymes related to cancer cells. >> i thought he was going to
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say, $100,000. he said $3 million i was glad i was sitting down because i might have fallen over. >> today was also his birthday. it's been quite a day for him. the chairman of april cell says the high tech billionaires understand importance of biotech research. >> these drugs come on the back of the foundational basic research being done by the scientists. they say that the plan is that this prize will be handed out every year, next year it will be five recipients receiving $3 million a piece. >> thank you very much. google today announce aid pryout for the rest of the us called google glass, it's embedded in a pair of eye glasses responding to voice commands.
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gookel going to let a number of people try them out for $1500 if you have that privilege.3f&!ú submit and they didn't say how many winners there be only awarded to bold individuals who submit requests. >> and police are still looking for these two then they believe are associates of mark capello, a suspect arrested in alabama last week. investigators released these surveillance photos today. three men killed inside of this home in forestville february 5th. authorities say they were trying to purchase a large amount of marijuana. investigators released this photo of a pickup truck. >> in red woothd city police
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identified a new suspect in a recent home invasion robbery, one of three people expected of ransacking a home of a 79-year-old woman. the other suspect arrested running from the scene, trujillo and a girl may be driving a black volkswagon jetta. >> some simple technology helped police id a man, turns out he was caught ripping off a ups package from the door steps of an alameda home. we're live withc0d more for us now. nick? cool view. >> have you very much this, is to give you an idea of what police used as a crime fighting tool that thief was caught taking a package because the homeowner had a camera and police say that these have helped them fight
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crime. most online shoppers have backages delivered home. damon is one of them. >> there is larger package and a smaller on top. >> but he can't always be home, thieves know it. take a look. police use this video to identify the man they say stole a package from his home in the middle of the day. >> before he came home, he took the package. >> the man cases a house with a friend moves to the door grabs a smaller box scurrying away. the whole thing captured on home surveillance system. >> we think we have a positive identification. >> because of the camera, police were able to get this picture the public and identify their suspect. they say thieves act quickly following trucks and making the move as soon as the driver clears the area, most looking for high end merchandise and electronics looking to take advantage of those at work or
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away from home. >> without having had video equipment, the suspect more or likely would have gotten away with this. >> home surveillance video catching criminals in other places too,. this woman busted for stealing packages off of a porh in fremont. >> you want the video camera to get a good, usable video. >> family owned security company specializes in home protection and have cameras ranging from obvious toúeñ inconspiks with us. they have seen a number of people spike in cameras. >> you get what you pay for. >> home cameras can range in price and ability. low light cameras may work best at night. and most come with technology that is easy to use. >> if you're able to send a text message and know how to get on to the internet, you're
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good. >> and this is just how easy sit to use. device including your smart phone which is what i'm using now. now, i have posted a link to information about different systems on our web site so you can research the plan that may work best for you. >> still ahead tonight another negative review for the electric tesla. wall street weighs in on losses and some is your money. >> is this neighborhood becoming the new las vegas? some people say there is too much night life here. >> and a sprawling patch of ranch land could become the next big cemetery. ñ ñ,ñzñprppt
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last couple weeks electric car maker tesla has been involved in a high profile back and forth over mileage of the cars, today, kpt got another negative review from wall street. stock down 6% in after hours trading. abc 7 news is live:v#to in our south bay bureau with more. >> one bright spot in today's earnings report was the acknowledgement of how many cars are actually coming off of the production line at their plant in fremont. for the last few months the company says they've been completing 400 cars each week
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for a company only delivering 250 cars recent ramp up cost the company but those costs are coming down. >> amount of time required was extreme. so... it, that is improved. just coming into january and in february. >> so far, tesla delivered 2400 cars to customers lower than some expectations of the more than 3,000. but the company says it plans to deliver more than 20,000 model s cars and despite recent back and forth with "new york times" over advertised range, tesla says buyer demand is strong. >> rarely do you want to talk on "new york times". clearly what is different is that they had fookts back it up. >> charles buyers says any fallout from the "new york times" episode will likely not
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be seen until next earnings report and immediate response by the ceo may have helped the brand for now. he used driving data from the car. >> as a new company, just about all they have to sell now is their reputation because they're just ramping product. >> a reporter wrote about getting stranded on the way to a charging station. he claims a battery was affected by cold weather. kpt had installed a series of the stations and range is a subject touched on. >> this is like just like, yae. works well. actually. and we're going to make it work better, over time. >> td public editor ak engineered notes were not as precise as they'd like. today, acknowledging this does
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drop by 10% in cold weather and says it's about the same as the efficiency of a gas car >> san francisco is known for a party town but not fun for those living near naub street. there are several dozen bars within just blocks."brl >> when is enough enough? that is what some who live in lower polk-knob hill boulevard want to know. >> public safety incidents and noise, quality of life issues for residents and neighborhood hitñ+ç a point. >> the supervisor says along a six-block stretch there are at
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least 45 spots with liquor licenses. he's proposing a cap on new ones. sounds good to the owner of gypsy rosa lee's moving her wig shop from north beach five years ago. >> you can only tolerate so much drunkenness around you. >> the city small business commission would prefer targeting concentration of bars by keeping a new one 100 feet from an existing establishment. >> this is allowing for flexibility of new businesses to come into the area but sort of spread out. >> linda wants much tougher restricks, placing flyers around the community asking if knob hill is becoming the new las vacationas. >> other districts dealt with this by saying if a business closes with an alcohol license
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another can't move in. >> we found no sympathy among those who frequent neighborhood bars. >> america founded on free enterprise. what is the problem? you know? that is what people want. if you don't like noise go, move to redding. >> the supervisor hsu may hear a lot of noise when he holds his next hearing next month. >> national weather series says the tornado that hit yesterday was rated ef zero, the weakest. it touched down 100 miles north of sacramento. it traveled mostly half a mile. only thing damaged there was a barn. good news. >> we are seeing a bit of a cool down. >> down below freezing in
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spots. our pattern is changing. winter like pattern yesterday was wild, wacky yesterday. snow, rain here in the bay area. thunder and lightning and right now, condoleezza, -- clear skies, different from picture at this time yesterday. right now a live view from our camera in emoriville. 51 degrees in san francisco. here is the different live camera view right now from our camera here in downtown san francisco. looking west, temperatures 59 degrees in santa rosa. 56 fairfield. forecast features we're going to experience another drop
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tonight. freezing in north bay valleys, sunny skies milder tomorrow after the noon. and this is a pattern with us for the next few days, animation for today, showing movement of that low that brought us the stormy weather yesterday is now pushing inland to our southeast.q5%v and we have high pressure moving in. we may see thin, high clouds. at least overnight tonight, clear skies will be cold in the north bay valleys. valleys will feel a bit of a kill. tomorrow, we'll get sunny skies and mild conditions again in the south bay, highs around 60 degrees. many locations will top out at 60 degrees including redwood
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city, menlo park. 54 in half moon bay. degrees, 56 in south san francisco. mild across the north bay. highs into low 60s including 63 in santa rosa. 60 degrees in berkeley. inland eastr>le bay highs of 62. here is the accu-weather forecast. two mainly sunny skies coming our way. partly cloudy saturday. sunday highs into mid to upper 60s then there is a slight chance of rain there. so dry and mild throughout the next several days.4cjo >> coming up, oscar
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a landmark is facing research. it has larnlest indoor movie screen at 60 feet. by year's end hollywood will
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no longer print reels of film. studios willfo/÷ send hard drivs instead. >> film houses are going out of business across the country. >> there is also more problems. we no know how to fix it. >> it can provide an elevator for the disabled. >> abc 7 will be hosting a party of are our own, that carolyn's house. no. no. this is a virtual party on facebook. like us on facebook and post your opinion onh)wç fashion flos along with the rest of our 95,000 fans. >> our official app you can
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get from ipad and kindel fire. >> just going your house. >> you'll be working. >> true. >> here is the line up. our coverage begins at 2:00 this sunday with on the red carpet. >> we'll have a recap of the biggest moments and the foos after party was otrc at the oscars, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00 with ama daets and larry beil. >> we have more coming up from uz anchor dan ashley at the white house. just ahead the role of president sees for silicon valley. >> also, tonight a campaign helps golden gailt bridge drivers ahead to the system coming.
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president ob yaum has said creating more jobs is his top priority. >> we know belter than most keeping jobs here can be just as critical as creating new ones. >> dan ashley had a chance to speak about just that. dan joins us live again from the white house. >> good evening once again from washington. focus of the campaign was about creating jobs two. candidates with different views on how to create them. now election is over, the president is no longer soley talking about job creation but it's a key part of his agenda i had a chance to ask him about it today. >> you rever yensed apple. that is a very much a bay area company. >> what will it take to make
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more manufacturing jobs? >> we have a huge advantage whit comes to high tech industries and knowledge-based manufacturing. we have got to make sure that not only research and development is done here and it's important to continue to fund that but make sure we've got the most highly skilled work force. >> jobs air reason high speed rail project believe spending $70 billion or more makes sense.&52ñ >> majority of the people understand high speed rail is coming to california you'll be able to get on a train and travel to san diego. going 200 miles per hour. if with a few stops in between.
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that is way head of the curve in terms of the rest of the country. >> i asked the secretary about how difficult to be the only republican in a democratic administration whether that had anythinging to do with the fact he's leaving his post season. he said absolutely?úkw not, everyone has been great and he's been proud to serve. coming up at the bottom of the hour i have a lighter moment with the president i'd like to share today. so that is coming up later on in this newscast. >> secretary of defense issued a dire warning if secretary and lawmakers can not alow 800,000 employees will be affected. 85 billion will hang in.
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and furlough woz eliminate a day each week for a vast majority of employee autos a controversial plan to build a new cemetery in contra costa county is moving forward. the plan to build a large new cemetery in danville. a $35 kblinl project holding 150,000 grave sites, 220 acres of land is facing stiff opposition. >> all of the properties here are on well systems and these wells get drained down. if they're going to put something across the road going require large amounts of water it can put us out of business. >> the county planning department finishing up an impact report and superviseors will make the final zigs a state agency that cleared out
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a homeless encampment is under fire for causing a bigger problem, a giant tent city. the camp went up about a month ago. the city preparing to do stwhait drks shut down the camp moving homeless out within 30 day autos noks are mobile. they will move from place to place. it does get worse if not tended to45bó. >> countdown is on at the n gate bridge, soon, cash will no longer be accepted. the change is coming at the end of march. abc 7 news reports. >> by end of march, cash will
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no longer be accepted at golden gate bridge. all tolling will be done through fast track or license plates. >> so no more cash. >> so credit card? what are people going to use? >> today they start educating with a flyer. >> this will be distributed during off peak hours when we$$÷ can see most of our payers. >> the bridge says there are 20 million southbound vehicles. of those 14 million have fast track and don't have to do anything. options include getting fast track societying up a payment or account or paying cash at y 150 to be announced locations or, do nudging. >> if you do nothing you're confused and don't understand anything i'm telling you.
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you don't care. you don't want to do anything. a voice will get mails an invoice will be sent to you with 21 days to pay. after thark it becomes a violation. >> if you have to drive through quickly which we don't advise yechl. >> the system should keep traffic moving better... >> that is a good idea. i think it takes too long. and going to make things more efficient. >> gegt rid of cash should save a lot of cash. 14 human toll takers should be absorbed into other district jobs. >> looking for a san francisco parking spot? >> there is an apf for that
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we know san francisco is short on parking spots. if you do find one and overstay your welcome you're bound to get a pricey ticket. >> there is an app to curve some of the tickets.+ocd and can we start down loading now? i don't want to wait. >> most get one because they don't follow the rules to theuoñ letter or thought they'd push it just a bit n san francisco, street cleaning tickets a huge revenue source for san francisco. average cost of $62. paul rose is the spokesperson for san francisco municipal transportation agency. >> we see about 500,000 parking tickis in san
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francisco. >> that adds up to pain for residents. >> it's $500. towed one time, it's a nightmare. >> parking so tight people are often, ignore sign autos oh, my god. you know? >> this entrepreneur set up with a cleaning ticket came up with an app called park smart emits free city data about times in the city of san francisco and for 99 cents
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>> they'd just as soon plug thejj meter be happy. >> fans -- fines they get more from those. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next the president shares an experience on the golf course with dan ashley.
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>> chinese army
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stanford university is the first school to raise more than $1 billion in a single year, last year raising $1.3 billion making it the number one college fund-raiser in the u.s.. the university of california system raised $1.5 billion. >> yahoo is hoping renovation of the home page will get people to visit more and stay lnger when they do. they have developed new formulas to for topics that apple to more people. new concerns the federal reserve might curtail its economic stimulus plan drove the dow a loss. home builders broke ground on fewer homes but construction permits reached a high indicating housing recovery is on track. >> an invading army of chinese
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antiques arrived in san francisco. the long-awaited terra cotta warers exhibit dating back to 200 bc made during the reign of the first emperor. 8,000 exist. >> first was to transfer the material kingdom in this world to the next. we cannot bring the real thing with him, he created images to bring with him. >> each is different and each represents a mem of the army. new discoveries are also on display. it opens on friday and runs until late you may. >> cool. >> let's check on the forecast. >> yes. emperor of weather. >> yes. thank you. a different$kvzñ picture from oe
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we've seen last night. neither rain nor snow. no precipitation showing up now. it's dry. clear skies. state wide tomorrow, mainly dry excepts for spots. sunny skies mainly into afternoon and high temperatures climbing up to and above much of the bay area, here accu-weather forecast and through friday, saturday, more clouds but it does remain mild, milder on sunday with highs climbing into mid-60s and above. chance of showers monday then dry, mild, tuesday and wednesday so a nice seven days of mainly precipitation free weather is ahead. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley. >> aside from politics you had
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a chance to talk golf today? >> yes. you know? why not. at the tail end of the conversation wech talked about a number of things and had an interesting day here. talked to a number of secretaries and of course one on one with the president today. about issues that affect all of us. i had fun, wanted to also ask him about being commander in chief and first golfer. what his time was like over the weekend in florida. he played with tiger woods. >> this is a political question you want to duck but how does your golf game holdup next to tiger's? >> he plays a different game than i do. he's on another plane. >> is he more nervous he's playing with you? or you were more nervous? >> he knew i wasn't a big
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threat to his world ranking and i knew i better keep my day job. >> thank you very much mr. president. >> thank you. >> both keeping day jobs, another light moment on the south lawn taking a look at the grounds here, who should walk up but bo, family dog. four years old, very well trained. it got so much attention. i'll have more coming up on coffee tv 20 tonight and at 11:00 right here, why he told the american public during a state of the union some institutions have let our troops down. you'reá6jx also going to hear fm a woman who now has a special job here at the white house. that is coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. for now, in washington dan
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>> great day. yes. terrific job, dan. >> right now let's turn our attention to sports. >> yes. >> first round play this, isn't government. -- golf. -- golf. not because of rain or wind,an)g to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful
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(woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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giants quest begins saturday. first game against angels. weather in arizona today was rainy. didn't stop barry zito from getting his work in. right? good job. most of the giants spent the day indoors. tim lincecum this, is his new look. the panda looks like he skipped lunch. not altogether a bad idea hunter pens is well liked in the club house. some teammates find him odd. >> everybody#m;ç is like askinge about him. how crazy is he? a little crazy. but he's good. good. looks weird. everybody is weird.
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and way he throws and hits. you know? >> minus bartolo cologne this, season they're still young. not inexperienced. jared parker earned himself a top spot in playoffs. this year expecting to pitch better. >> i try not to dwell on what is done. and try to work on thicks i didn't execute as well as i wanted to. things i need to work on, i do that. i think everybody is going to do that. and pick a payout. >> come up there is a lot of questions about this team.
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he'll battle it out out of marin catholic. >> this is simple. the issue will be... we're kind of an execution based offense. not a ski based offense but more of execution and fundamentalist. >> i like the coach. >> yes. >> i'll continue now. to golf in the first round this was the start of the day looked like. cold, dry with tumble weed then a snow storm hit. traffic is weather. this is snow. you know it's snow. two inches of snow fell in
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arizona and former raider fans or if you're a current fan, marcus vus rusel trying to make a come back. he's in training. that is offensive lineman category you know? that kind of speed. he's out of weight, out of shape but is trying. >> all right. coming up in your living room for hours on sunday at 9:00 oscars host and how son you expects to you start hating him. >> then bag of money found at golden gate bridge tonight. the couple that found it, what they decided to do with it. >> and that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. like the coach. >> yes. yes. >> i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. from all of us here, have a
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great evening. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. now let's meet today's semifinalists -- a medical student from plano, texas... a game merchant from atlanta, georgia...
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and a strategic analyst for nasa from huntsville, alabama... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you very much, and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first of our semifinal matches in this year's ment of champions. i'll give the players the good news. two of you are guaranteed at least $10,000 just for playing the game today. tourna but the third one -- the winner of this match -- gets to come back on monday and tuesday of next week to play for a quarter-million dollars. so good luck. here we go. the categories for the first round today... each correct response will begin with the letter "a" and end with a "c."
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alex: kristin, you get to start. let's start with etiquette for $200. jason. what is a calling card? you're right. " to "c" for $200. dave. what is apathetic? that's it. "a literature, $200. dave. what is the white whale? you got it. literature for $400. dave. what is afoot? that's right. lit for $600. kristin. who is jacob marley? yes. etiquette for $400.


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